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Toltec Billiard Lighting

Founded in the 1970's, Toltec is a family owned and operated company dedicated to creating quality and competitively priced lighting fixtures for your home.

While quality and value continue to be the hallmarks that Toltec is famous for, they take pride in having taken the lead in the field of design.  They are continually introducing new concepts and ideas while maintaining a close eye on tradition.  At Toltec, they bridge all possible worlds.

In addition, their designs feature some of the most exquisite finishes and spectacular glass selections in the lighting industry.  Their very special commitment only adds to the charm, beauty and value of each and every Toltec fixture.

Why We Carry Toltec Billiard Lights:

At The Billiard Warehouse, Inc., we realize that it can be difficult to choose a billiard light online.  It is difficult to tell the size, scope and quality of a light simply by a picture.  While we strive to offer the highest quality pictures as possible, we understand that it is an important decision.

Several years ago, we carried many different brands of lights including some other well known brands and some generic import lights.  We discovered a re-occuring theme.  With many of the other brands and generic imports, we received a lot of returns.  The most prevelent reason for the return was that the light did not look as good in person as the picture.  In contrast, we rarely ever received returns on Toltec lights.  In fact, it was (and remains) common for us to get calls of praise on Toltec lights.  The most popular comment is that the light is far more beautiful then they expected.   We made the decision to expand our selection of Toltec lights and stop selling the lights that kept coming back.  Now our customers are happy with their purchase and of course, when our customers are happy, we are happy!

We realize that there are less expensive lights on the market; however, no one offers more value and satisfaction than Toltec. 


The selection of Toltec lights is very impressive.  Please keep in mind that you can choose most bars with most shades.  It would be impossible to display every possible combination (though we are still working on it), you can get a pretty good idea of what is possible.  If you see a shade that you like, but want it on a different bar, it is usually possible.   If you have any questions, please call us.  We will be happy to answer all questions and give you the personalized service that you deserve. 

We want you business.  Let us prove it to you!